Badminton is one of the most popular sports ever created by humans, it is usually played by two to four players hitting the feathered ball with a racket in opposite direction. I really love this game because it doesn’t require a lot, just buy a racket, shuttlecock and invite friends to play badminton even to the streets.


Badminton is a classic rocket (or shuttle) game. Depending on the game, there may be 2-4 players. The British army was founded in British India in the 19th century. And he invented badminton when he was deployed in India. Badminton is a world-famous sport and even played at the Olympic Games.


 Body Posture

Always make sure the chest is almost parallel to the net.

The legs are slightly wider than in the waist for a certain degree of stability

The upper handle keeps the bat almost at shoulder height

The face of the battle is near or close to the opponent’s right side

Bat is based on your opponents


Check if the wrist is slightly bent backward when approaching the shooter

Dominant legs move with the dominant hand when turning the pendulum

Try pushing the pendulum until it drops from the white bar

99 percent of wrist work to reach the shooter

Make sure your dominant hand never matches the shooter.

Hold the minimum angle between the wrist and the forearm, between the forearm and the shoulder, between the arm and the body.


Always use the gun with your arms (forearm)

To the opponent T-split (on the front)

Use the extension of the bottom part

Use the elbow extension arm in your hand to move the pendulum to the yard.

The court

There are actually two service lines. The Frontier Line service ensures that all forwarding services are used regardless of whether one or two people transfer this line. The back service line of the contour is intended for dual use. This ensures that videos will not transmit this line during the service.

There are two sidelines.

The inner lines are for singles and the outer lines for doubles games.


Badminton Rules

Don’t delay

The Badminton service form consists of a position in which you raise your back. Then, when your back is lifted, you can not go back and forth, but you must serve immediately. If you do not have it, the point will be rewarded on the other side


A badminton and tennis service means that both players are on the opposite side of the slant. If you play directly in front of the opponent, the point will be re-evaluated by the opponent. Positioning is also important for double badminton. Two-way badminton games do not block the display of the opponent’s video on the server. In addition, both feet should touch the playing field.

Rocket rules

Badminton requires a rocket to hit the bottom of the bus. It is also important to remember that the club shaft is directed down only. This means that the bat’s head must point to the top. It is also important to know that during the service the bat only starts from behind and continues. You can not transfer the club back and forth.

Shuttlecock rules

In use, the tailgate must always be in the driver’s seat. In addition, during operation, the rotary lever can never be moved downwards, but always move upwards to the other side. If there is no service during transport, this is considered a point for the other party and server service


The server will not try to serve if the opponent is not ready. However, if the opponent tries to overcome the service, it is considered a good service.

Basics of Rocket


Badminton racket can be expensive, so you should know the basics before buying. If you’re a beginner, you do not have to spend a lot on a racket. Cheap badminton racket is good. Try to spend at most around 30 €. There are many good clubs for this price.

Each badminton bullet contains several basic rules, among which the most important is weight, balance, head shape, flexibility, and grip.

Many rockets weigh from 80 to 100 grams. The larger mass should give more power, but less maneuverability. A heavy club weighs heavier in the air but is more stable than a light rocket. The lightweight rocket provides greater speed and maneuverability at the expense of strength and stability. The easiest badminton racket I’ve ever encountered is the Karakal SL-70. It weighs only 70 grams. It is the weight before adding strings and bumps, so you must know.



Drop Shot

This badminton shot should only go through the other side of the net. It is widely used on the front of the net and easily moves from side to side to allow the opponent to run.


This event is used to attack someone. This badminton punch is very small and is moved forward. In this shotgun, the opponent must prepare a stick. This entry is very accurate and fast, a good reflex is very useful in neutralizing this post.

Long Drops

The most popular badminton record at the end of the track. The recipient must aim the ball before it hits and it is too late. To stop recording, press. You want him to be straight above the net. If you lose, your opponent will defeat him. You do not want this to happen, you want to reduce it so that they do not have any chance.


This is the badminton punch you want to use if your opponent wants worse. This is the method used when you want to go back to the middle of the path. Make a shot up and make sure you have it until it disappears. Big results mean you have to stretch your elbow to take pictures. It can fall in the back of the field.


This is probably the most popular or worried about all badminton strokes. Quick save photos. It is a strategy used when the game ends soon. It’s best to turn the tracks so that the opponent can ride. And because it is designed for a high shot, but at a low level, your opponent will not be able to take pictures.


This is used every time the game is started. It is also a decisive factor in winning this game. The binding between the bat and the bird should be below the waist. This should be interesting and a lot for good service. A badminton shot is important in the game and should be directed only one way.

Badminton Tips


Badminton is one of my favorite sports. I grew up with the sport. I am very involved in sport and I would like to share with you. Here are some tips for capturing enemies.

In Badminton, one of the most important strategies is to win a game that is ready to shoot at the opponent. You must be well prepared and always watch the photos of the opponent. In this way, you can optimize your use of images for your own benefit.

To be in a good position, you need to focus on how your opponent reaches the pendulum. See how the shooter leaves the opponent’s bat. Expect to cross the network and go to court. Be careful and try to defeat the pendulum because your opponent rarely sends a rifle to the tournament.

To get to the highway quickly, take a small tramp and push it into position to reach the pendulum. Do not forget to return to your second court as soon as you return. Prepare for the expectation that you will regain your strength from your opponent. If you do not expect a quick hint, stop where you are. It is important that he does not move when the opponent reaches the pendulum. The reason is that the driver’s seat is lighter in steady state.

Accuracy and Running


Badminton is one of the most popular sports in the world. Just like tennis, you need a lot of precision and a lot of work. However, for athletes who seriously look at badminton, a small space, limited by these lines, means a battlefield.

Singapore is proud to have created the best badminton. Li won the 2002 National Party Classification and won the gold medal. At the time she made a big mistake when she defeated the fourth set of Tracy Hallam, who eventually saddened the English team. Li also participated in 2004. The Chinese Gong Ruin Olympics have been defeated at the summer Olympics.

Another star for badminton from Asia is the Chinese ruin, Gong. As another Olympic champion, Ruina won prizes in almost all competitions in which she participated. The Ruin victory can be considered a fortune. Why? This is because Ruin has Chinese meaning. Rui means smart and very clever, and “after” is a symbol they use for a girl. It looks like Ruina was born as a master. Even the legendary Susi Susanti defeated the girl in the match at the opening of Brunei.

Badminton Player Skills

Physical skills

Let’s start with the most basic badminton skills: Stroke, Walking or Walking, Strength and Strategy.

player skills


The main badminton swath technique includes the upper front and rear parts of the cleaned/broken chassis, elevators, easy strikes. It is recommended to learn demo videos for badminton (see link at the bottom of this page). Thanks to the film, you save a lot of time by learning all the basics.

After learning the basics, you will have to practice and practice the second one. Without the ability to perform all different beats, you’re not a complete badminton player.


Steps/feet are always connected at one time. Good badminton has a good combination of pedestrians and strokes. This includes the coordination of the foot, body, arms, and movements.


Badminton can last from 15 minutes to 1 hour and can have more than one game per day. Finished badminton matches are the best of three games, so you must play at least 2 matches at regular intervals. Without good stamina, a badminton player cannot successfully complete strikes or even finish the game. Training must be developed through regular training, training or training. Regular exercises also help to improve the game, increasing strength.


With good badminton skills and endurance is not enough, you also need a good strategy to win. Do you have to take the right pictures at the right time or throw a shot, beat or clean? It is also important to determine the weakest point of the opponent. This is especially important in a double, you need to determine the weakness of your opponent and attack the weaker opponent. This is the simplest strategy. If your opponent is weak in the game, you have to quit more. To go one step up, it is also important to choose the right series of returns and create a plan for all racing games. This is called the badminton strategy.

Badminton Injuries

Rather, the common opinion about badminton lies in the fact that it is one of the safest games – an invaluable, harmless, fun family game. Such ideas are very likely, given the huge popularity of the worldwide game, such as entertainment for children, as well as serious Olympic sports.

Acute injury

Acute injuries

Ankle Sprains

Although they still require comprehensive statistical surveys, some studies have shown that gaps account for more than half of all reported badminton injuries. One compression can be described as an enlargement and/or inflammation of tympanitis and foot muscle. In very rare cases, tendons, bones and other joint tissues may be damaged. As a result, tissue bleeding can suddenly cause swelling and swelling of the ankle, often lasting over 6 months, until the third degree of stress is completely cured. Potpourri potholes are accidental in 99% of cases and occur when a player lands legs in, bends or bends on a partner’s foot or on the ground. Very fast changes required when playing badminton often cause leg drop or rotation, which causes irregularities. Fatigue, excessive body weight, and shoes with more than a normal “handle” often contribute to such injuries.

Meniscus Tear

This also applies to the world-friendly pseudonym “Torn cartilage damage to the knee joint and how painful as a sprained ankle. Although difficult legwork through badminton plays requires a meniscal tear or cartilage, resulting in a mild dampening between the thighs and bones, and sometimes causing pain in the joint line of the road, swelling and inability to full Flex leg, Bend May also accompany wounded or completely torn ligaments sometimes, increasing pain factors and healing time. Usually, swelling and pain can easily appease many people. However, when there are competitors, the knee may be more susceptible to knee locks or “ease”. In this case, an operation is necessary.

Muscle Strain

Unexpected movements, for example. B. volcanic drop on the ground in various parts of the body, the muscles can be pressure at which the affected muscle fibers to be disturbed. This can cause pain, swelling, bruising, and in extreme cases, loss of function. The muscles that are usually affected are the thigh, knee, shoulder and calves, just the name of the path.

Chronic Injuries


Achilles Tendonitis

Achilles tendonitis or Achilles tendonitis is an inflammation of Fersenkords’ knee. Like badminton, it can be used as a chronic degenerative change in the Achilles tendon (the rigid musculoskeletal chain from the heel to the calf ties) described, which occurs in the form of repetitive leaps and keeping the result that increases the heating method is poor. The older you are, the worse with your activity.

Tennis Elbow

Do not be fooled by this particular inventory of injuries. Tennis elbows are often rated differently than tennis and very often badminton players. A medical environment called Epikondylose damage to the side, this is a chronic overload injury that occurs due to elbow tendon inflammation of the forearm resulting outer. Players are exposed to repeated attacks on loot, often covered with tennis arches. They are even worse depending on the size of the handle, lack of rest and an excessive stretch of the segment.

Golfer’s Elbow

This particular damage is in many respects similar to the tennis player’s elbow, with the exception of the area in which damage occurs. When the tennis elbow due to elbow inflammation leads outside the golfer’s elbow usually takes place on the inside of the elbow, and sometimes the pain appears along the forearm. It is also a chronic degenerative problem most often caused by excessive wrists.

Jumper’s Knee

As the name suggests, damage often results from repeated jumps on hard surfaces. Medically known as Patellarsehnenentzündung, patellar ligaments act in accordance with the distance by the kneecap and the badminton landing. Actions tend to worsen the condition of the tendons, and sometimes it can be a fraction if there is no peace.

 Badminton Play

Badminton play

Badminton is a very popular rocket sport, played around the world. To play the game, you only need a badminton set with sticks, nets and a few shooters.

The right game requires a game to work with certain dimensions and network. You can play single or double players. But fun and relax, it can be almost anywhere, and even play without a network. The goal of the game is to hit the bus through the net, outside the field and back. It’s about winning or losing when the bus touches the ground (and track) or system acceptance, or the judge has the impression that a dirty area has been created.


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